Years of experience ensures #TeamTOPOWE's ability to execute an array of event types with precision, supplying a diverse range of clients with premium boutique events and catering services. 

.  high profile green rooms and craft services  .
.  conferences and boardroom meetings  .
.  product launches  .
.  cooking shows and instructional classes  .
.  bartending lessons and mixology workshops  .
.  milestone celebrations and backyard events  .
.  wine and beer tastings  .
.  fine dinners and tasting meals  .
.  private luncheons and banquets  .
.  non-profit galas and fundraisers  .
.  weddings, receptions and rehearsal dinners  .

.  ...and, of course, much, much more  .

The TOPOWE Portfolio

boutique events and catering

boutique events and catering

Turning events into experiences.


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