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#BDks 3 will be here on June 24th, 2017

Paying tribute to Southern Ontario's growing interest in high-quality, multisensory dining, #BDKS partners Topowe's Chef Tobias Pohl-Weary (formerly of Burlington's Red Canoe Bistro) and various restaurant hot-spots, for Pop-Up restaurant takeovers, immersing guests in next-level art, music, food, wine and libations.

Eat.  Enjoy.  Experience.  Evolve.
Dining is about MUCH, much more than 'just' food.

Season Three, The Event


We will be rolling out the details like where, who, what, and how the event will take place over the next few weeks. But part of the excitement in this style of event is not telling you everything that you will expect from an event like #BDks3. Here are the facts we are willing to tell you so far. So stay tuned for more details by checking back regularly and following us on Facebook and Instagram. But we strongly recommend getting your tickets early as the events Sell Out.

Summer Solstice - Music, Art and Food as One

within 5 minutes of Burlington's city hall

the menu theme will be Ontario early summer tastes in a mingling hors d'oeuvres format folowed by a seated multi-course early summer tasting experience.

there will be beverage samples supplied with the food tastes and will include modernist cocktails, beers and wines.

yes, lots of it

very much Yes

include a multi-course one-of-a-kind dinner, beverage pairings and entertainment
Advanced Tickets $90 up until June 5th
Standard Tickets   $100 June 6th until the sell out.